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NSDA High School Congressional Debate Docket


2017 Middle School Congress Legislation

Full Middle School Congress Legislation P-1 ……….A Bill to Eliminate Algorithmic Discrimination An “algorithm” is simply a “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer” (Google definitions).  Algorithmic discrimination occurs when some of the foundations of that algorithm, such as basing income projections or loan repayment likelihood, on a zip code, end up discrimination against a particular class of


2017 High School NSDACongress Bills

  A Bill to Recognize Hawai’i as a Sovereign Nation A Bill to Provide Reparations This file has all of the files below consolidated into one file  —   Pro and Con Speeches — Two very basic speeches to help get you started. I suggest editing these to meet the expectations of your area/league.   Racism, Incarceration, and Reparations Update (9-15) Afropessimism and the trillion dollar reparation (free with registration)