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Should three parent babies be banned?


Should companies such as Uber and Lyft have to meet the same regulations as Uber?

General Taxi deregulation and Uber A crumbling monopoly: The Rise of Uber and the Taxi Industry’s struggle to survive The debate about how to regulate Uber is far from over Rethinking the Uber vs. taxi battle How Uber is changing taxis Ridesharing in the sharing economy Regulation is hurting cabs and helping Uber Pro Their excuse for avoiding regulation is finally falling apart Judge says Uber and Lyft should be


Additional Gun Control/Firearms Ban Cites

General Mental illness, mass shootings, and the politics of American firearms Guns and race: The different world of Black and White Americans Ban guns, end shootings? How the evidence stacks up Pro Gun Control Private guns, public health (b0ok) Guns and suicide: The toll It’s time to ban guns. Yes, all of them The case for gun policy reform Websites — General Center for Gun Policy and Research Websites —


Should guns be allowed on campus?

General Guns on Campus: Overview UT Austin to allow students to carry hand guns on campus Ready, Aim Fire: The College Campus Gun Fight The college campus gun fight Guns on campus: What are the limits? White Paper: Guns on Campus Guns and gun threats on college campuses No The campaign to keep guns off campus Why schools and guns don’t mix Guns don’t belong on college campuses Guns on


NSDA Middle School Legislation Coverage

Link to the legislation Prelim Legislation A Resolution to Increase the Face Value of the American Penny I haven’t seen any proposals directly calling for this, but I did find a few related articles. Bibliography Bill to Ban the Use of Cellular Device(s) While Driving in the United States of America Bibliography A Bill to Eliminate the Electoral College [wpfilebase tag=”file” id=91] [wpfilebase tag=”file” id=92] A Bill to Prohibit Private


The Youth Sports Concussion Act

Background The Youth Sports Concussion Act Senators push for more equipment oversight Youth Sports Concussion Act budget estimate Get your head in the game: Addressing concussions in youth sports Concussions and brain injuries in youth sports Senators push for equipment accountability   Pro Bipartisan backing of Youth Sports Concussion Act Concussions and safety in Youth Sports


Safe Drinking Water Act and Lead Compliance

Background  HR 4470 GOP Analysis House boosts authority for EPA to publicize water violations   Pro Plenty of facts but little action on Flint Bipartisan bill stalled in Senate EPA calls for more oversight on lead State demands federal rules change in response to water crisis America’s water crisis goes beyond Flint