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Bibliography: Tobacco Plain Packaging


Bibliography: Should political parties be abolished?

Pro The metaphysical case for abolishing political parties Abolish political parties to reinstate democracy Abolish political parties The case for abolishing political parties US should abolish inherently corrupt political parties Follow the founders: Abolish political parties Abolish political parties Con Benefits of political parties On the benefits of party competition Building better democracies: Why political parties matter


Bibliography: Should 3D printing be regulated?

General Regulatory concerns hold back 3-d printing on safety 3-D printing regulation: Should governments intervene? Like it or not, 3D printing is about to get legislate Join the debate: 3-D printed guns or government regulation? Like it or not, 3-D printing will probably be legislated Should government regulate illicit use of 3D printing? Innovations in 3D printing outpacing safety regulations Pro Democrats fear criminals printing guns 3D printing is here


Bibliography: On balance, students in grades 6-12 in the United States benefit when their schools offer interscholastic sports.

Schools should not support sports The Case Against High School Sports Why the world is smarter than us Cut school sports before academic programs The value of high school sports We can’t continue to value sports over education Schools should support sports 7.6 million reasons to keep HS sports High school sports aren’t killing academics Does athletic success come at the expense of academic success? The case for high school sports High school sports bring value to students


Should policy change be passed through voter initiative referenda?

Can policy issues be addressed through referendums? Yes — Substantive policy issues can be address by referendums Nathaniel Persily, Institute for Government Studies, 1997 (MICHIGAN LAW & POLICY REVIEW, v. 2, p. 14) The referendum, according to the Progressive magazine, The Arena, which promoted it at the turn of the century, entails “the referring of a law or ordinance or any specific question to the people for decision at the