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    Stefan Bauschard


    Congress Tournament Coverage — ICDA #1

    *A Bill to Provide A Universal Basic Income (UBI) UBI proponents argue that welfare and other social programs should be replaced with a universal basic income that is provided to everyone., which is what this bill proposes. It is a controversial topic that has picked up a lot of steam lately, with many business leaders, such as Mark Zuckerberg, promoting it as a solution to rapid automation caused by things


    Congress Tournament Coverage — Kentucky Season Opener

    There are a number of bills and resolutions for the UK Season Opener. We have resources on all of them, and we have evidence files on most of them *A Bill to Lift the Cuba Embargo Video   Essay We have an intro essay from January here Annotated Bibliography We have an annotated bibliography here. *Japan Nuclear Modernization This resolution supports funding to help Japan develop nuclear weapons. We have


    Why Attacking (or Threatening to Attack) North Korea is a Terrible Idea

    Some have suggested that as an alternative to stronger missile defense, greater deterrence, and expanded diplomatic activity that the US strike, or more credibly threaten to strike, North Korea, with the aim of toppling the regime and or destroying its nuclear weapons. This is a very bad idea. Astonishingly, I’ve seen polls that say that more than 60% of Americans favor an attack on North Korea. This is probably because


    How to Make a Great Authorship Speech

    From Rosslyn Model Government  The first speech on a bill is either a Sponsorship Speech or an Authorship Speech If you are the person who wrote the bill, it is an authorship speech.  This speech is 4 minutes long. If you have not written the bill but want to make the first speech, it is a sponsorship speech. This is 3 minutes long. These speeches have a slightly different format from normal speeches.  Here’s how to make a great sponsorship/authorship speech: Identify

    How should the US address the Opioid epidemic?

    Background — Websites Trump Commission on Addiction and the Drug Crisis  Background — Articles The Opioid Epidemic, explained America’s Opioid Epidemic: Lessons from Eastern Kentucky Crisis, Need Greater Action Trump Commission Report  Overdose death rates  Harm Reduction Approaches to Incoherent Addiction Policies  No Crisis Opioid addiction report uses panic to justify more federal spending  With opioids, government is the problem, not the solution Solutions? Opioid epidemic calls for rethinking marijuana


    Should the US have a single payer health care system?

    Health Care Background Introduction to Health Care in the US Related: Millennial Health Care Bibliography Updates Single payer updates Single Payer Background Cities fear Obamacare repeal, warm to single payer Single payer, meet All payer Yes Cities support move to single payer  The conservative case for universal health care Here’s a single payer health care plan that could work Single payer health care better, less expensive  No Why Bernie Sander’s


    Should college be free for all?

    General Summary of Sander’s College for All Act College for All Act Sanders says Wall Street tax would pay for his free tuition plan Pro A practical plan for free college tuition that can work now The ambitious goals of Bernie Sanders The case for free college Con Bernie’s Bad College Idea It won’t help struggling students There’s a big problem with Sanders’ plan Why the College for All plan