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This bill proposes two things — the elimination of sanctions on Venezuela and engaging Venezuela in diplomacy.

This was the January Public Forum topic and there are certainly good arguments on both sides, but there are a number of things to consider that are unique to this bill.

*The bill unconditionally lifts sanctions and invites Venezuela into talks.  The problem is that if the US just lifts sanctions then Venezuela has no incentive at all to engage in talks.

*A few days ago two former US special operations soldiers were captured when attempting to overthrow Venezuelan President Maduro. Although the US has disassociated itself with this operation, it is seen as being supported by the US (or at least condoned by it).  This will certainly make any talks difficult.

*The bill advocates lifting all sanctions. Debaters may wish to find a single sanction they think should remain and argue for a friendly amendment.

*The bill does advocate a change from the status quo. Advocates of the bill must articulate not just why sanctions are bad but why lifting the sanctions would improve things in Venezuela. With an uncon

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