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Congress Tournament Coverage — Kentucky Season Opener

Congress Tournament Coverage — Kentucky Season Opener

There are a number of bills and resolutions for the UK Season Opener. We have resources on all of them, and we have evidence files on most of them

*A Bill to Lift the Cuba Embargo




We have an intro essay from January here

Annotated Bibliography

We have an annotated bibliography here.

*Japan Nuclear Modernization

This resolution supports funding to help Japan develop nuclear weapons.

We have evidence files above on both sides of the question.

You will also find our North Korea not a threat file to be helpful.

*Attack Korea

I prefer to keep my opinion on bills and resolutions to myself, but this resolution to authorize the use of force is a terrible idea.

There is an essay that outlines the problems here, and I also created an evidence file.

The advocate of this bill may argue that it is just an “authorization,” and that an authorization may cause the North to back down, but it is actually likely to cause the North to preemptively strike.

You should also take advantage of the larger file that explains why North Korea is not a threat., as this eliminates the need for the aggression in the first place.

This is one article I found that favors a war.

*Vaccine Requirements for Schools

The problem of declining childhood vaccinations and growing, and nearly all experts agree that if vaccine rates decline that disease will spread.

This legislation takes advantage of the fact that most kids attend public schools and leverages permission to attend on kids getting vaccinated.

As noted, the case for vaccination is strong, so our opposition file focuses on why it is desirable to encourage voluntary measures rather than argue that vaccines are not important.

*Executive Orders

Executive orders “are issued by United States Presidents and directed towards officers and agencies of the U.S. federal government. Executive orders have the full force of law, based on the authority derived from statute or the Constitution itself” (Wikipedia)

As noted in the definition, Executive orders must have some foundation in pre existing law. Otherwise, the President would simply become a tyrant, issuing his own laws.

Two recent disputes illustrate this controversy.

Travel ban. As you may know, Trump issued a travel ban on migrants from a number of countries. He based the legitimacy of this order on the Immigration and Nationality Act. Some courts thought he had the authority to issue the order and others did not. Ultimately, the Supreme Court said he probably did – they allowed many parts of the order to go into effect until they can hear a case on it in October.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). President Obama issued an executive order to establish legal protections for children (who have now mostly grown to become adults) to provide legal protections from deportation. He based the authority for this order on his general immigration powers. Yesterday (9/5), Trump rescinded this order, arguing it is unconstitutional and encouraged Congress to act to provide the protections.

Since legislating is difficult (although the Republicans have a majority, it is only a slight majority in the Senate), Presidents have been issuing more executive orders. Some argue that reliance on the orders reduces democratic decision-making, arguing that laws should be passed by the legislature. Others argue they are a legitimate (and important) part of executive power.

The evidence file that is included contains general evidence about executive orders, as this is a popular counterplan in policy debate. You should look through the file to determine which evidence is the most useful for you.

*Genetically Modified Organisms

Organism are genetically modified primarily for the purpose of food production, and there is good evidence that there can be safety issues in genetically modified foods.

The files that are included mostly focus on the benefits, though there are some answers to the safety arguments.   If you wish to speak against the legislation, you can also argue that regulation undermines the crops in general, so consumers will not get the benefits.

We are in the process of collecting more evidence on the regulation issue.

*Welfare Conditions

The proposed bill takes a pretty draconian approach toward welfare – placing many conditions on its receipt and capping it out after 8 years, unless under extreme conditions.

The file we’ve produced so far is entirely Con – arguing that imposing conditions subjects recipients to surveillance that threatens their privacy, that the need for them in the first place is based on racial and gender stereotypes, and that they will exacerbate poverty.

*Restorative Justice

We have a couple small files – -a few cards each available.  More resources will be coming soon.

Prison Rehabilitation

Resources coming soon

Gun Control


SECTION 1.    The “Default Proceed” policy for federal background checks will now be

  1. revoked. All background checks must be carried out to their fullest extent
  2. before a gun purchase is approved
  3. SECTION 2. The “Default Proceed” policy is defined as the federal policy which states
  4. that federal agents only have 3 days to investigate for

Resources coming soon

Gubnatorial Uniformity


  1. SECTION 1. The United States Congressional House and Senate create a Joint
  2. Committee to create a clearly defined list of rights and duties to ensure the
  3. reasonable powers of the state executive branch.
  4. SECTION 2. This resolution would establish a uniform system to maintain equality and
  5. fairness across all states.

Resources coming soon


*Latin America Relations

RESOLVED,   The United States strengthen its economic and diplomatic relations with Latin America.

This is an interesting resolution.

The strength of the resolution is that no one opposes stronger relations with Latin America.  This is basically the equivalent of a resolution that favors “peace” on the Korean peninsula.

The question is how to achieve strong US-Latin American relations — Should the US lift the embargo on Cuba? Should the US reduce its military intervention in the drug war? Should the US change its approach to Venezuela?

*Sanctuary Cities

A Bill to Defund Sanctuary Cities

Resources coming soon

For now, see our immigration file above and watch the video below for background information.


*Canada Drugs