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Congress Tournament Coverage — ICDA #1

Congress Tournament Coverage — ICDA #1

*A Bill to Provide A Universal Basic Income (UBI)

UBI proponents argue that welfare and other social programs should be replaced with a universal basic income that is provided to everyone., which is what this bill proposes.

It is a controversial topic that has picked up a lot of steam lately, with many business leaders, such as Mark Zuckerberg, promoting it as a solution to rapid automation caused by things like artificial intelligence.

Some questions you should consider when preparing to speak and debate about UBI:

(a) How will a UBI be determined?

(b) Will everyone get it, even financially well off people?

© If everyone gets it, how can that be done without massively increasing government spending or reducing the amount of money that those in poverty currently receive?

(d) Would a UBI discourage work?

(e) Does funding a UBI violate freedom – Does it take Peter’s money and give it to Paul?

*Job Training

This legislation is a basic job training proposal.

Questions to consider –

  • Is a lack of job training really the reason people can’t find employment?
  • Is job training sufficient, if people do not have an advanced education?
  • How is job training meaningful in a time of automation?

*Rejoin the Paris Agreement

This bill has the US rejoin the Paris Agreement that Trump pulled the US out of

Questions to consider –

  • Is global warming real?
  • Is global warming caused by humans?
  • Will the Paris Agreement significantly reduce climate change?
  • Does the Paris Agreement help or hurt the US economy?
  • Are binding agreements better?

*Turkish Democracy

This Resolution to recoup Turkish democracy suggests the US should sanction (cut off all trade) and try to kick Turkey out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) if they Turkey does not release all of its political prisoners?

Questions to consider –

(a) Does the threat of sanctions change behavior?

(b) Do sanctions change behavior?

© Is this bill a threat to Turkey’s sovereignty?

  • Does the US have any authority to kick Turkey out of NATO?
  • How would kicking (or threatening to kick) Turkey out of NATO impact NATO?
  • Is NATO still valuable?

*Stability in East Asia

This resolution to Create Stability in Asia argues for an alliance to contain China and North Korea.

Questions to consider –

(a) Is China generally a threat?

(b) Is China a threat to the South China Sea?

(c) Is China a threat to Taiwan?

(d) Is North Korea a threat?

(e) How would China react to a new military alliance in East Asia led by the US? Would this increase or decrease any potential China threat?

*End Medical Bribery

This bill prohibits medical professionals from taking financial incentives to prescribe drugs.

Questions to consider –

  • Have financial incentives provided by drug companies contributed to the opioid epidemic? How significantly?
  • Are such sales tactics important to the pharmaceutical industry?
  • How could such practices be policed?
  • What are appropriate penalties?

*School Vaccinations

The problem of declining childhood vaccinations and growing, and nearly all experts agree that if vaccine rates decline that disease will spread.

This legislation takes advantage of the fact that most kids attend public schools and leverages permission to attend on kids getting vaccinated.

As noted, the case for vaccination is strong, so our opposition file focuses on why it is desirable to encourage voluntary measures rather than argue that vaccines are not important.

*Classify Neo-Nazis and White Nationalists as Terrorists

This bill preemptively (before they commit a terrorist act) classifies any neo-Nazi or a White Nationalist as a “Terrorist.”

Since the classification would have to occur before the act is committed, it seems the classification would have to be based on expression, which is potentially a violation of free speech – it is arguably a restriction on hate speech.

We will be doing more work on this bill, but this seems to be a basic problem with it, and it is why we have included this file.

*A Bill to Bust Digital Trusts

This bill limits the ability of major Internet companies such as Facebook and Instagram to purchase each other


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