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2017 High School NSDACongress Bills

2017 High School NSDACongress Bills


A Bill to Recognize Hawai’i as a Sovereign Nation

A Bill to Provide Reparations

This file has all of the files below consolidated into one file  —


Pro and Con Speeches — Two very basic speeches to help get you started. I suggest editing these to meet the expectations of your area/league.


Racism, Incarceration, and Reparations Update (9-15)

Afropessimism and the trillion dollar reparation (free with registration)

The Justice in Pharmaceutical Pricing Act

Bill to End the Tampon Tax


A Resolution to Dispose of Spent Nuclear Fuel Under the Ocean Seabed


The sub-seabed solution

Sub-Seabed disposal of nuclear waste: If the proposal can succeed technically, can it legally?

Sub-seabed repository for nuclear waste — a strategic alternative 

Nuclear waste at sea: From ocean dumping to seabed disposal?

A Bill to Defund Sanctuary Cities


A Bill to Sanction Myanmar to Discourage Oppression of the Rohingya Minority


A Bill to Set a Statute of Limitations on Welfare Recipients to Minimize Welfare Fraud

A Bill to End Corporate Tax Evasion

The Single Payer Healthcare Act



A Resolution to Reduce the United States Commitment to the War on Drugs

International drug war and Plan Columbia —

A Resolution to Form a Kurdish State

A Resolution to Reduce the Nuclear Arsenal of the United States

A Bill to Invest in India’s Economy

A Bill to Halt Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

A Resolution to Increase Research Funding into Genetically Modified Organisms


A Bill to Close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp


A Bill to Pass the Family and Medical Insurance Leave Act

A Bill to Limit Federal Funding of For-Profit Colleges

A Bill to Ban Neonicotinoids in Pesticides to Increase Bee Populations

A Resolution to Establish a Safe Zone in Syria

A Resolution to Sanction Ethiopia

A Bill to Remove Constitutional Exemption Zones for Search and Seizures

Bill to Require Childhood Immunizations

A Resolution to Amend the Constitution to Repeal the 22nd Amendment


Semifinal Legislation S-1� � � � � A Resolution to Restrict the Actions of Pa