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NSDA Middle School Legislation Coverage

NSDA Middle School Legislation Coverage

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Prelim Legislation

A Resolution to Increase the Face Value of the American Penny

I haven’t seen any proposals directly calling for this, but I did find a few related articles.


Bill to Ban the Use of Cellular Device(s) While Driving in the United States of America


A Bill to Eliminate the Electoral College

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A Bill to Prohibit Private Disposal of Food to Minimize Food Wastage

This Bill basically prohibits grocery stores from throwing away edible food and instead requires them to donate any food they might throw away to a Food Bank to help the poor. This is a creative idea but it is not a bill or idea that has been proposed in the “real world.” This means that you will need to think of some common sense arguments against it.  First, you can argue that since it is enforced by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) that such inspections could trade-off with enforcing other more threatening issues such as contaminated food, rotten food, or the innapropriate use of chemicals in food. Second, you can argue that while charity is nice people shouldn’t be required to be charitable. If they want to dispose of things they own, such as food, they should be able to do so.  Third, they Bil allows the FSIS to penalize the grocery store throwing away the food entirely at the discretion of the FSIS.  This could result in unfair and arbitrary punishments.

A Resolution to End Depleted Uranium Munition Usage by the United States Military

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A Resolution for Improving Mental Health and Rehab Assistance in Rural Areas

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A Bill to Establish a United Terrorism Task force (UTT)

This Bill provides $500 million in funding to establish an elite counterterrorism task force with contributions from other countries to go around the world and fight terrorism.  There are a few problems with it. First, there is no evidence that other countries would contribute forces, even if the US provided the funding. Second, different nations would have different definitions of terrorism and wouldn’t agree that particular groups are terrorist groups. This would make it difficult to fight.  Third, there is a dispute over whether or not counter terrorism is effective.  Fourth, there is good evidence that terrorism isn’t even a very significant problem.

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A Resolution to Expand H1B Visas

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A Bill to Denuclearize Kashmir

This bill gives India $50 million to take apart its nuclear weapons.  Since this is not a proposal in any literature, I’ll simply highlight the major problem with the legislation — India wouldn’t do it.  If India wanted to take apart its nuclear weapons it could do so without the US giving India nuclear weapons, which demonstrates that there really isn’t any desire on India’s part to take them apart. Moreover, India has nuclear weapons to deter Pakistan and China, two rivals in the region that both possess nuclear weapons. If India did give up its nuclear weapons, it might be attacked by Pakistan.

See — The Strategic Impasse Over India’s Nuclear Restructuring

A Resolution to Ban Plastic Bags


A Resolution to Nullify the Iranian Nuclear Deal

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A Resolution to Take Action Against North Korea –That the Congress here assembled take action against North Korea by means of sanctions and increased military presence.

This resolution is a bit difficult because it doesn’t identify where the increased military presence will be. Will it be in North Korea? Is this a Resolution to attack North Korea? In South Korea? In Japan? Throughout East Asia.

Since the resolution is a bit ambiguous, I linked evidence here about North Korea and the security situation general, a file that advocates attacking Korea, and evidence about the desirability of increasing US military presence in Asia (referred to as the “Asia Pivot”).

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A Resolution to Support Felon Employment

This legislation prohibits companies from asking people if they previously had a felony conviction, which means they have committed a serious crime,  during the employment application process. While it is admiral to want to integrate felons back into society, there are a couple problems with the legislation. First, it completely prohibits all employers from hiring under any circumstances. So, for example, if if someone stole money they could still be hired at a bank or other financial institution.  Or if they were convicted of inappropriate contact with children they could still be allowed to work in a school.  Third, of course, felons may be dangerous and there is a chance that they could commit other crimes.  While there is a chance that anyone could commit crimes, the chance of a felon committing a crime is probably higher.


A Bill to Further Restrict Handguns on Academic Institutions


A Bill to Regulate Uber, Lyft, and Similar Transportation Services


A Bill to Outlaw Three-Parent Children


A Bill to Ban Firearm Sales and Use by Civilian Population

A “firearm” is a “rifle, pistol, or other portable gun” (Google Definitions).  There was an entire Lincoln-Douglas topic earlier in the year about whether or not hand guns should be banned so I have included a link to all of that material

The material includes extensive files on whether or not hand guns should be banner, explanatory essays, and a bibliography.  All of the arguments identified would only be even stronger if they were applied to all firearms.

A small additional bibliography is here.

A Bill to Put Regulations on Fast Food Chains to Alleviate the Problem of Obesity in the United States

This Bill simply places “regulations” on fast food chains in order to solve the problem of obesity in America. The problem with the Bill is that it doesn’t identify any regulations that could be place on the chains so it is impossible to debate their effectiveness.

That said, there is a good general debate about the merits of regulation on fast food to combat obesity.


A Bill to Give Disadvantaged an Opportunity through Education

This Bill gives “money packs” to low-income children in grades K-12.  $4,000 for preschool. $6,000 for primary school. $10,000 in secondary school .

I can’t find any articles about this specific proposal so I’ll identify a few problems with it.

The first problem is that the proposed Bill does not identify what the money needs to be spent on. Specifically, it does not specify that the money goes toward education. Second, since the students are minors, the money would need to go to their parents. Their parents could spend the money on an ocean cruise, as there are no limits. Third, there is no explanation as to how it would improve education. Simply giving someone a pile of money does not necessarily mean improved education.

If the money is intended to be used as a voucher to allow students to choose other schools, there are some problems with this —

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A Bill to Modify the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1996 to Prioritize Asylum Cases


A Bill to Exit the North American Free Trade Agreement


A Bill to Deter Use of the Dark Web


A Bill to Abolish the Death Penalty

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A Bill to Modernize Police Patrols

This Bill provides every policy car with a “a standard issue AR-15 rifle with fully automatic capacities.”

The basic problem with this bill is that it further militarizes the police, and there are a lot of strong objections to that —  Bibliography

A Resolution to Ban School Monitoring of Social Media


A Resolution to End the War on Drugs by Ending Domestic Surveillance

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A Bill to Keep It in the Ground

This legislation prohibits offshore oil and natural gas drilling.

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American Thanksgiving and Heritage Act

The United States holiday of Thanksgiving will be changed from the fourth Thursday of November to the second Thursday of October. A new holiday known as Native American Heritage Day will be celebrated on the Friday following the second Thursday of October. Both of these days will be treated as national holidays.


A Bill to Reform Corporate Tax Rates to Revive the American Economy

The current 35% corporate tax shall be reduced to 20%.
The government shall abolish all loopholes which allow American corporations to merge with a foreign corporation to avoid U.S. Taxes.

This Bill really has two distinct parts. The first part lowers corporate tax rates and the second part prevents US corporations from merging with foreign corporations to reduce their US tax burden. This latter merger move is known as inversion and separate legislation restricting inversion has been proposed.

Corporate tax bibliography

Tax inversion bibliography

A Resolution to End Police Brutality

The basic problem with this Resolution is that it simply has the legislature say that the police should follow the law in order to reduce police brutality and racism.  There are two problems with this bill.

One, the police are already encouraged to follow the law, and if encouraging them to do so doesn’t solve police brutality and racism now, it’s unclear why it would do so after this Resolution.

Two,  there is a lot of evidence that the law itself has tinged with racism and cannot be used to solve racism.

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A Resolution to Eliminate the Wage Gap Between Men and Women

This Resolution argue Congress should work to end gender-based wage discrimination by creating a law stating that another individual should not earn money based off of their gender but by the way they conduct business and how much they accomplish in their workplace.

This Resolution (and subsequent potential Bill) probably would not accomplish much because no employer directly bases pay off of gender, but it is a good starting point for how to address the problem of gender-based wage inequality and there are many interesting articles to read about that topic.


A Bill to Remove “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance



A Bill to Require Public Schools to Teach a Secondary Language to All Students


A Bill to Establish Compulsory Voting in the United States

Compulsory voting essay

A Bill to Ban Contact Football in all K-12 Schools


A Bill to Reform Medical Malpractice Procedures

The model for malpractice caps and procedures in Indiana will be implemented at a federal level. The cap for both economic and non-economic damages available to the plaintiff will equate to $1.25 million. An individual health care professional shall only be responsible for up to $250,000; the remainder funded by the Patient’s Compensation Fund (PCF).


A Bill to Decriminalize Physician-Assisted Suicide

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Related: Adolescents and autonomous medical choices

A Bill to Require Pay for College Athletes


A Bill to Combat Climate Change through State Governments

The federal government shall annually subsidize 50% of the cost of renewable energy projects undertaken by state governments.  States who fail to undertake a renewable energy project shall lose 10% of their federal highway funding for the following year.

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Related Essays
Climate Change
Related Files[wpfilebase tag=”file” id=195][wpfilebase tag=”file” id=196][wpfilebase tag=”file” id=197][wpfilebase tag=”file” id=319]

A Bill to Mandate Annual Inspections of Water Sources to Improve the Conditions of Household Water


A Resolution to Grant Japan Military Independence

The basic problem with granting Japan military independence is that Japan would develop nuclear weapons to defend itself. Since a lot of countries in Asia fear Japanese imperialism based on history.  This could touch off deadly arms races and nuclear war.

Recently, Donald Trump floated this proposal and it was widely condemned by foreign policy experts.

See: China’s ultimate nightmare: Japan armed with nuclear weapons AND Why Donald Trump’s plan would be a nightmare for Asia

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A Resolution to Increase the World’s Water Supply

This bill supports the expansion of desalinization technology.

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A Bill to Protect Foreign Civil Entities to Improve America’s Credibility

This bill limits surveillance of “foreign entities” to times when the US has a warrant.  It claims to improve our foreign policy credibility.

Although most plan requirements were not as extreme as what is proposed in this Bill, restraining US foreign intelligence surveillance was a popular Policy debate case this year and our files are linked here.

For background reading, you should consult this recent  Congressional Research Service report on Section 702.

I also wrote an essay on debating Section 702 at the beginning of the year.

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A Resolution to Increase Nuclear Power Use in the U.S.

Files and bibliography

A Bill to Increase Support for Jordan


A Bill to Protect the U.S. from Catastrophic Cyber Attacks

Cyberwar impacts and answers